Solar is the cheapest way to generate electricity - until the sun sets.
Reflect uses satellites to provide sunlight to existing solar farms at night.
By selling the sunlight to solar farms, we increase the output of existing infrastructure without additional costs to solar farm owners.

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Our work spans climate change, space innovation, and future-proofing humanity. We are looking for creators who are endlessly excited about the things they build.

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Our Team

Ben Nowack
Ben is a bit of a mad scientist. He built a fusion reactor in high school and was featured on "Mythbusters: The Search". This early start led him to SpaceX where he was chosen to lead automated hardware projects for validating Crew Dragon propulsion components as an intern in his sophomore year of college. Later he worked as senior engineer at Park and Diamond, Director of engineering at Tri-D Dynamics, and as a responsible engineer at Zipline.
Tristan Semmelhack
Tristan is a perpetual creator and prototyper with experience bringing out-of-the-box concepts from nascent-stage to full-function. He was directly hired by Zipline's CEO and CTO into a full-time engineering position before starting college, and held design ownership of Zipline’s delivery droid. Tristan left Stanford to serve as Reflect's CTO and co-founder.