Extend the day with satellite mirrors

Solar is the cheapest form of power - until the sun sets.

We provide a series of satellites in low Earth orbit that reflect daylight precisely onto solar power plants for several hours after sunset. This daylight is converted into electricity by the solar panels, just like during the day.

Natural daylight redirected after dark

The redirected light is no stronger than normal daylight, making it safe for everything on the ground.

From a short distance away (~5km) the light will be similar to moonlight and occupy less of the sky than city glow. Late at night as electricity demand fades, all satellites set like the sun.

Rigid mirror platform solves old problems

Daylight covers Earth every day. Nearly all energy on Earth comes from the sun. Our mission is to simply control the amount of the sun’s energy humanity has access to.

Custom mirrors collimate sunlight

Sending sunlight to Earth after dark is an idea as old as humanity’s first satellites. NASA first proposed the idea in 1978.

Our unique collimating tiles are the breakthrough they never had. Our tiles enable large specialized optics to be mass manufactured, incredibly lightweight, and durable.

We use this technology to get 9 times more watts per square meter to the ground and can use our satellites 44 times more often than traditional research with flat mirror satellites.

Our Team

Ben Nowack


Built a working nuclear fusion reactor in High School.

As a SpaceX intern, Ben was chosen to lead automated hardware projects for validating Crew Dragon propulsion components.

Featured on “Mythbusters: The Search”

Worked as senior engineer at Park and Diamond, Director of engineering at Tri-D Dynamics, and as a responsible engineer at Zipline.

Tristan Semmelhack


A perpetual creator and prototyper with experience bringing out-of-the-box concepts from nascent-stage to full-function. Directly hired by Zipline CEO and CTO into full-time engineering position before starting college, and held design ownership of Zipline’s next delivery system. Now studying at Stanford, and previously studied classical violin at Juilliard.

Brent Davidson


Led teams in transforming diverse, complicated technology into straightforward solutions at Adobe, Intuit, and startups.

Built a project finance platform at a renewables fintech startup.

Created airware’s commercial drone control system.

Directed an EPC firm’s design software team on an ambitious ground-mount solar design.